Spiritual Economics

This week I’ve been reading Napoleon Hill’s ‘Think and Grow Rich’.

I heard about this book years ago and I figured I’d get around to reading it at some point. The time has come and I was pleasantly surprised at how current and modern it is, considering it was originally published in 1937!

Reading it was like sitting comfortably in my favourite sofa, with all my bestest friends around me, enjoying discussions around business, spirituality and personal development. The book was no different from many of the other books and articles I am currently reading, it’s not like he was reinventing the wheel or anything! He simply highlighted and brought home some ideas that I’ve known for a long time and been refusing to fully accept – that there are no short-cuts to success – either I give 100% or I don’t. There is no ‘try’. I also learned a good few hints and tips on how to improve my mental fitness, especially around my thoughts, feelings, spirituality, discipline and faith.

I have to desire it, with all my might, and then believe that I can achieve it

The thing I’m finding most challenging about manifesting dream #1 is that I am not clear on what my purpose is yet, what it is that I am actually creating. At this stage, I have ideas that are playfully dancing in my head, and they will carry on doing so until I find an angle that will make my heart skip a beat with excitement. Because I am unsure of what it is that I really desire, what the major purpose of my life is. What I do know thus far on my journey is that I want to carry on learning new things everyday, I want to experience myself fully, I want to create an even more awesome life for myself, and at the end of it all, I want to share my experiences with anyone who might be interested.

“your ultimate goal is full and complete expression of your divine gifts in the greatest service to the world”
-Napoleon Hill

My first goal is to figure out what that means!!